JÜS was created as a packaging design project that explores using unique bottle shapes that children can enjoy.

︎Packaging Design

The main logo is intended to give off a friendly vibe. The umlaut over the u makes it appear as a smiley face, which helps the brand’s fun, friendly appearance.


The colors for Jüs were chosen with a bright, vivid brand image in mind. Colors are used in association with the fruits (red = apple, purple = grape, etc) while contrasting colors are used for the logotype as seen earlier.


Jüs utilizes vector illustrations of the fruits in the flavors of the juices. While earlier drafts showed illustrations of many different fruits, three fruits made it to the final drafts (apple, orange, and grape). In addition, contrasting colors were chosen when implemented with logo colors for each bottle.

︎Icon Illustrations

Jüs uses the silhouette of the fruit illustrations to create these fun bottles any child would enjoy to drink from. Their vivid colors and bright appearance aim to draw the eyes of anyone who passes by them in the juice aisle.


This hypothetical rebrand of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) explores a new visual identity that emphasizes connection.


︎Motion Graphics

The goal of this design was to focus on how UNEP can connect to the general public with sustainable promotions and practices, hence the tagline, “connecting with sustainability”.

The blue circle in the middle represents a globe. The lines in middle represents veins in leaves, and together they represent global environmental issues.

︎Main Logo

The subbrands consistently uses the brand vocabulary of connecting lines and circles. These subbrands were modified from UNEP’s existing divisions to create a more concise set of subbrands, including corporate, economy, communication, law & policy, and science divisions.


A letterform version of the lines and dots motif is used in select applications, as well as in the motion graphic.

︎Alternative Signatures

Rounded serif fonts were chosen to keep consistency with the roundness of icons. BC Alphapipe is used for main logotype for visual interest in the letter e.

As for colors, green and blue were chosen as the primary colors since they represent the earth.

The motion graphic animates from the letterforms to each subbrand, and illustrates a hidden animated aspect of each one. The final main logo illustrates the different pieces of the logo that all fit together.

︎Motion Graphic

This title sequence animation illustrates the story told by the music video of BTS’s hit song from 2015, “I NEED U”.

︎Motion Graphics

For this design direction, to envoke the feeling of calm mixed with some sorrow due to the story’s dramatic understones, a simple, geometric art style was used while using the classical piece, “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy, a famous piece known for its calm and emotional undertones.

︎Design Direction

Helsinki is regarded as the city that has succesfuly solved the homeless crisis. Meanwhile, New York City has one of the highest homeless populations in America. This series compares the two cities and their respective efforts to aid their homeless citizens.

︎Motion Graphics

The infographic displays a large portion of the data researched to create a chart that displays overall homeless popluations of both cities, their different causes for homelessness, locations of shelters, as well as how many of those homeless are in families, children, or are single adults.


The motion graphic displays the information on the infographic. Many of the visual elements such as the main chart were altered to better fit a video format. New information such as the top 10 cities/districts with highest homeless populations were added.

︎Motion Graphic

This Commemorative panel and stamps set was made in honor of Kate Spade, and highlights her life and business career as a succesful brand CEO.

︎Visual Design

The brand Kate Spade New York © is a well known fashion brand famous for their feminine and elegant designs perfect for everyday use and wear. These stamps were designed to emulate the Kate Spade style using similar vibrant colors, as well as by using a classic serif typeface to recreate the brand’s iconic look.


The Commemorative panel remembers the late Kate Spade by giving a brief biography, as well as celebrating her accomplishments as a successful businesswoman. The panel also goes into detail about the brand’s mission, and how it spreads its message of “everyday elegance”.


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